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Paper is the material we know best.

For over 50 years, we have been designing, printing and making packaging supplies for the food industry, as well as shopping bags for retail.

Industrial packaging

Square-bottomed paper bags and printed reels for flexible food packaging supplies on automatic packing machines, for both the human grade food and the pet food. Each packaging is printed and customized to best represent the identity of the product inside.

Paper Shoppers

Personalized paper bags with flat handle and rope handle. Reusable and recyclable retail packaging that communicates your brand’s values.

Where we make a difference

Flexographic print up to 9 colours

For years, we have been printing our packaging supplies exclusively with water-based inks, prepared in our own factory with an automatic mixer that also allows the recovery of all production waste. We use the highest quality flexographic printing, from 1 to 9 colours, in high definition, studying the graphics in every detail to ensure an excellent print performance.

We let our products do the talking for us, as well as the awards that have recognised the value of our work year after year.

Reliability and punctuality

Keeping our word is a fundamental value at Cartotecnica Postumia. Managing the production process according to the Lean philosophy allows us to plan shorter delivery times accurately and in advance and always guarantee the compliance.

What you need only when you need it

The Lean philosophy taught us about eliminating waste: we started by lowering our minimum order, therefore giving our customers only what they need, and only the quantity necessary. This idea translates into a total customization of each bag which becomes an instrument of communication in the customer’s hands.

Integrated graphic office

Here your design comes to life, becomes a paper bag and a packaging that communicates. We enjoy the challenge: to design unique and captivating graphics that test our printing skills.


Environment, people, communities.
Our commitment to a sustainable future.

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with various reviews

“We have clear the container and test some of the bags. I am happy to information you that so far the reports are “these are the best bags we have ever received”.


Pizza HUT

“Wooah! Génial. Parfait, je vous remercie pour votre aide!! le client sera content surtout qu’il m’a dit que si cela se passait bien il y aurait d’autres opérations comme cela!”

Stephane Taieb

Owner of Mon sac Publiictaire - France

“I can’t tell you how amazing the feedback is on the printing of the bags. What a brilliant job you have done!”

Laura McShane

RECTELLA purchasing offices

“We are very happy with you, we love the quality but most importantly the service you offer and the help you gave us when we needed”

Patryk Kaptur

KTC CEO and Purchasing Director

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